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home is for sale

February 23rd 2020 9:45PM
Fred Mercaldo, founder and CEO of Geocentric Media Inc., is the owner of the internet domain The 64-year-old Scottsdale, Ariz., ...

The Goliath strategy: How healthcare enterprises can compete with startup innovation

February 23rd 2020 9:22PM
Startups rarely have a fully established sales organization. ... Startups usually have founders with deep domain expertise in a specialty (i.e. the ...

Procter & Gamble: The Stock Has Run Its Course; It's Time To Sell

February 23rd 2020 5:26PM
I sold part of my position last summer. I now feel like the ... Source: Open Domain ... At 4.72x sales, PG is priced like a super growth stock. This has ...

For-Profit Firm Seeking to Run .org Names Makes Concessions

February 23rd 2020 5:03PM
Domain names such as have historically been used by ... A sale to Ethos Capital wouldn't immediately affect existing .org names or the ...

Like Ivan the terrible was insulting European monarchs

February 23rd 2020 4:52PM
23/02/20 history As Ivan the terrible was insulting European monarchs. the message of Ivan IV the European monarchs – a unique monument of ...

Eminent domain decision creates possible clash of personalities

February 23rd 2020 4:30PM
... hundreds of thousands of passing vehicles who pump sales taxes into city coffers. ... He was fine with the eminent domain of the northern property.

Group Wants San Diego to Ban Gas-Powered-Car Purchases over $50000

February 23rd 2020 4:30PM
The Clean Vehicle Initiative would ban the "sale, leasing, or transfer of any personal-use vehicles valued at over ... on the Breathe Free America site, and the website's domain name is protected by the WHOIS Privacy Service.
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