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One word domain names

It's Friday, the weekend has landed... and Microsoft warns of an Internet Explorer zero day ...

January 18th 2020 1:18AM
Malwarebytes says the domain being used to aggregate the card data ... "The website sold subscriptions so that any user could access the results of ...

ICANN Needs To Ask More Questions About the Sale of .ORG

January 18th 2020 12:45AM
ORG domain registry, to private equity. There are crucial reasons this sale is facing significant backlash from the nonprofit and NGO communities who ...

Don't give your dot-org domain away to a private company

January 17th 2020 10:41PM
One of the Internet's most trusted assets — the dot-org domain used by ... Dot-org, which was built to support nonprofits globally, is being sold to the ...

Sonos, PopSockets speak against the Big Tech domain

January 17th 2020 9:56PM
He says his company is now banned from selling on the Amazon website alone and has lost countless sales after cutting off the lucrative direct sales ...

PreMarket Prep Recap: Monthly Options Expiration Volatility, Gap Cancels Old Navy Spin Off

January 17th 2020 9:11PM
... of resistance were identified for the upcoming session for an exit for a long or a potential short sale setup. ... Public domain photo via Wikimedia. 0.

Mega Walkins For Sales Profile @insurance Domain-Bengaluru

January 17th 2020 8:43PM
Apply for Mega Walkins For Sales Profile @insurance Domain, HR Remedy India in Bengaluru/ Bangalore ,Chennai ,Hyderabad/ Secunderabad for 1 ...

Expert Comments On Seized For Selling Info From Data Breaches

January 17th 2020 8:10PM
The UK NCA, the FBI and the German Bundeskriminalamt have coordinated to take ownership of, a domain for selling subscriptions ...
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